Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can I Predict The Gender? Girl or Boy

Are you aware that there are ways in which you can predict the gender of your baby and ensure you can have a boy or girl? There are many ways in which you can increase the likelihood of predicting the gender of your baby with up to a 94% chance of success.

There are many wives tales out there which say, and many times are correct, that they can help you predict the gender of your baby before the baby is born. That is great and all if you are curious but what if you wanted to ensure that you would have either a boy or a girl. If this is the case the older wives tales are of no value. There is however, a great way for you to choose the gender of your child before conception. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet!

One wives tale that attempts to predict the gender of your baby is the Chinese calendar. Your age and the month you are trying to conceive together supposedly predict whether you will have a boy or girl. How many months do you know of only produce boys or girls? I don't believe this concept either.

Some of the more biologically supported methods include the relative acidity and alkalinity of the uterus and which foods promote each of these types of environments. Certain sexual positions promote sperm of a certain gender to be delivered to the eggs location. Also having sex at certain times of the ovulation cycle also help ensure that you can predict the gender of your baby.

While these are some of the tips and ways to predict the gender of your baby knowing all of the information available is very helpful in ensuring you have a 94% chance of predicting the gender. This information is available in a proven method, with over 8500 happy couples from around the word, from Alicia Pennington, a former midwife for over 20 years. If you would like to learn more about how she can provide this type of certainty for you please visit her website at

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