Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Have A Boy?

Wondering how to have a boy? Well, you are in luck as there are ways to almost ensure, with a 94% certainty, that you will be able to become pregnant with that boy of your dreams. Some people wish to have a boy after they have had a few girls. While others wish to have a boy as the oldest of their children. While there are many tips to help your chances it is important to try them all to ensure the greatest odds when altering biology.

To have a boy, a sperm containing the Y chromosome must fertilize the egg within the mother. These sperm do not survive as long as the female X chromosome. Most of the male sperm die after 24 hours inside the woman’s reproductive tract. When trying to have a male it is important to have sex within 24 hours before the woman ovulates.

When a woman is about to ovulate can be predicted with resources such as basal body temperature charts or monthly cycle calendars. This is the time of month which the woman’s ovary releases an egg in preparation for fertilization.

Trying to predict the gender of your baby can be a complicated endeavor with the most simple tricks like the woman orgasming first helps add to the certainty. For some reason after the orgasm the woman’s reproductive tract become more alkaline (basic) and this type of environment promotes the survival and migration of the Y sperm.

Certain sexual positions also contribute to the overall outcome of a male gender selection. The positions that have the deepest penetration favor conceiving a male. Be careful however, the term deepest penetration, actually can be misleading.

Eating certain types of foods also promote a “male healthy” environment by creating a more alkaline environment and helping the male sperm to survive and fertilize. Some of the more common foods that contain Potassium and Sodium are sweet corn, bananas, red meat and sausage. For maximal effectiveness these foods should be eaten a couple of days before the woman ovulates.   

Alicia Pennington, a former midwife of 20 years, has created a system of natural baby gender selection methods that can ensure the accuracy of gender prediction. With all the information available you will have a 94% percent chance of getting the gender of your dreams.  This method of conception has proven successful with over 8500 couples throughout the world. If you would like some more information about how this method will help you have a boy please visit Alicia’s website at

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